How to Restore Your Files -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Security Alert!!! We hacked your company successfully All files have been stolen and encrypted by us If you want to restore files or avoid file leaks, please send 2.036702 bitcoins to the wallet 1AuxwNTSQNPdZ2f3wpvx3ZvjNuB7TffDN3 If money is received, encryption key will be available on TOX_ID: D6C324719AD0AA50A54E4F8DED8E8220D8698DD67B218B5429466C40E7F72657C015D86C7E4A -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Attention!!! Send money within 3 days, otherwise we will expose some data and raise the price Don't try to decrypt important files, it may damage your files Don't trust who can decrypt, they are liars, no one can decrypt without key file If you don't send bitcoins, we will notify your customers of the data breach by email and text message And sell your data to your opponents or criminals, data may be made release